Ovopet® - The ultimate in pet nutrition

Ovopet® is the next generation for the well-being of pets, its natural source of collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine and keratin, makes it the best way to keep their joints and coat healthy.

The power of nature gives us this perfect combination of biomolecules in one single science-backed ingredient based on the eggshell membrane, perfect for pet food, snack and supplements.


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Joint & Muscle Care - 90 Tablets.

Healthy joints, ligaments and tendons for your dog

New: Advance Pet Nutrition (Joint & Muscle care) - the world novelty with a unique combination of active ingredients!

Functioning joints are the be-all and end-all for a long, healthy dog life. Without restrictions of the musculoskeletal system, the dogs not only retain their mobility but also their joy of living.

How does Ovopet® work in Advance Pet Nutrition?

There are now countless nutritional supplements available that are supposed to bring about a quick improvement in dogs with joint problems such as osteoarthritis.

Unfortunately, not all of these products keep their promises. This is due on the one hand to the ingredients themselves, but also to the raw materials used, the manufacturing process and the product quality achieved with them.
In this article, we would like to explain to you what makes a good dietary supplement for dogs with joint problems and what types of products we advise against.

You will also find out which natural active ingredient complex has been convincing in studies and how it helps you to significantly reduce your dog's suffering from osteoarthritis and other joint diseases.

Problems with conventional preparations for the joints

Many supplements for dogs with joint problems contain only one or two active ingredients. In this way, a slight alleviation of the symptoms can indeed be achieved. However, this often falls far short of expectations.
Preparations with several ingredients promise significantly higher effectiveness. At least that is the theory. In practice, these products often fail because of poor raw material quality.

Collagen from pork or hyaluronic acid, which is produced for a few cents under dubious conditions in Asia - what at first glance appears to be a good choice for the treatment of joint diseases in dogs, on closer inspection often turns out to be a cheap product with correspondingly low effects.

Ovopet® as a natural and high-quality alternative

Ovopet® proves that there is another way. It is an innovative active ingredient complex that is made from the eggshell membrane of chicken eggs.
In contrast to the ingredients of many other dietary supplements, Ovopet® does not use any chemicals. It is therefore a purely natural product that you can give your dog in the form of tablets thanks to Advanced Pet Nutrition (Joints & Muscle Care).

Ovopet® - 100% Natural

All ingredients of Ovopet® come from 100% natural sources. They are extracted from the eggshell membrane of the chicken egg. Scientists have succeeded in isolating the active ingredients contained in Ovopet® from the membrane located between the eggshell and the protein.

The eggshell membrane is a natural ingredient extracted from the inner layer of the eggshell. In addition to the well-known, joint-protecting ingredients in products, it contains other substances that are essential for bone health.

The eggshell membrane is therefore a natural, protective barrier, which consists of many useful elements for well-being and health. It is also a natural, non-chemically modified product and therefore insoluble.

Restores Skin Barrier Function

The skin is the largest organ in your pet's body and performs several vital functions. It provides a protective barrier against the environment and external pathogens, regulates temperature, and reduces water loss. Maintaining a healthy skin is therefore quite important for your pet's overall health.

Clinically proven to decrease transepidermal water loss which shows an enhanced barrier function that avoids at the same time the entrance of harmful substances.

Reduces Skin Inflammation

Egg Shell Membrane reduces both pro-inflammatory cytokines in blood and the thickness of the damaged epidermis.


Fast-Acting Joint Pain reduction

  • Egg Shell Membrane has been clinically proven to reduce joint pain as early as 5 days 8 out of 10 owners noticed a decrease in the pain their dog was experiencing.
  • Joint inflammation decreased 41 % against the control group in dogs with hip dysplasia.
  • 9 out of 10 dogs increased their leg muscular perimeter due to the increase in daily physical activity.